About our PPG

The Patient Participation Group is a relatively new concept that many surgeries in the country are now embracing. It provides one way for patients to express their thoughts about how their surgery is run and how they feel it can be improved. It can also consider the bigger picture, for example how GP commissioning is going to affect them and what services the patients feel they need in their locality. It is an excellent way for GPs to understand and appreciate their patients’ thoughts and needs and adapt their daily practice and premises where appropriate and achievable.

Topcliffe has already formed a small group to discuss the surgery’s needs and to help us construct a questionnaire to be distributed to our patients each year. This includes general questions on the personnel and service we provide, but also more specific issues relevant to the practice which will change each year.

In addition to this small group which meets face to face each year, we also have a small, but growing, number of people willing to be involved by email. This is our “virtual” Patient Participation Group!

Neither of these options to be involved is onerous and it would only involve a small number of emails each year requesting your opinion.

If you would like to be involved in either the face to face meetings and/or by email, please follow the link ‘Sign up for our patient group’ on the right hand side of the screen to locate the sign up form. This can be completed and submitted via the website or can be printed out and handed in at our reception.

Many thanks

The Topcliffe Team