Patient Rights and Responsibilities

You have the right to be shown respect for your privacy, dignity and religious or cultural beliefs without discrimination.  You have the right to confidentiality concerning all your contacts with us from each member of the Practice Team.  You have a right to apply to see your medical record.

You may also request a chaperone for examinations when available (although this is not always possible if a male chaperone is required without notice) and for extra privacy during conversations with receptionists and dispensers if you so require.

You have a responsibility to be considerate and courteous at all times towards the Practice Team and other patients.  You are required to attend in good time for appointments so that others are not kept waiting. It is also your responsibility to request the results of blood tests, X-Rays etc. from us.

Your Right to Additional Health Screening

The new GMS Contract gives the right to patients aged 16-74 years, who have not attended a consultation with a member of the Practice Team in the previous three years, and to patients aged over 75 years who have not attended a consultation with a member of the Practice Team in the previous twelve months, to request such routine health screening as seems appropriate to the doctor.  This can be in the patient’s home if, in the opinion of the doctor, the patient’s medical condition makes it inappropriate for him or her to attend the Surgery.

In practice we are not rigid about these time periods.  We are happy to assist anyone who wants a health check irrespective of how recently he or she has been seen.  If you have a concern and wish to request an additional health check, please speak to the doctor or nurse.  (Please note that this provision is for patient care and does not apply to pre-employment medicals, sports medicals etc. for which a charge is made.)

Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 12th February, 2021