**Please note dispensary opening hours**

Monday         08.00-12.30, 13.30-18.15
Tuesday         08.00-12.30, 13.30-18.15
Wednesday   08.00-12.30, 13.30-18.15
Thursday       08.00-12.30, 13.30-15.00
Friday             08.00-12.30, 13.30-18.15
Saturday        CLOSED
Sunday           CLOSED
Bank Hols      CLOSED

We are able to dispense medicines for the majority of our patients, but we are not allowed to dispense for patients who live within a mile of a pharmacy as the crow flies. This applies to all patients living in Thirsk and Sowerby who must take their prescriptions to a pharmacy.

All other patients should present their prescriptions at the dispensary counter after seeing the doctor or nurse.

Prescriptions issued by the doctors during surgery consultations are usually dispensed and available within minutes of being handed in at the Dispensary. But occasionally the doctor has prescribed something special. When this happens it will be ordered from the wholesaler and is normally available within a day of the prescription being written.

If you do not want or need the medication that the doctor has prescribed please let the doctor or dispenser know.

Please note that in line with national policy guidelines, it is practice policy to dispense only one month’s supply of medication at any one time.

Government legislation requires that all prescriptions collected, except those exempt on age grounds, have to be signed for by the person who collects the medication.

If you are exempt from payment you must CROSS the box that has the appropriate exemption and sign the form at the bottom, remembering to show exemption staff proof of exemption.

If you pay for your prescriptions you must fill in the amount you have paid and sign to say that the money has been collected from you.

Please remember – It is not the responsibility of the dispenser to fill in your form. Please read it carefully and fill it in correctly. This will help the staff carry on with their work.

Date published: 12th January, 2021
Date last updated: 16th November, 2023